• Postdoctoral Researcher in the group of Dr Tom Price at the University of Liverpool, in collaboration with Dr Rhonda Snook (U of Sheffield) and Dr Amanda Bretman (U of Leeds), March 2017 – present
  • Postdoctoral Researcher in the group of Prof Anna-Liisa Laine at the University of Helsinki (part of the Metapopulation Research Centre) December 2013 – February 2017
  • NERC funded PhD student at the University of Liverpool with Prof. Greg Hurst & Dr Kayla King, September 2009 – October 2013
    • Thesis: “Studies on the dynamics and diversity of the insect symbiont Arsenophonus nasoniae”
  • Research assistant University of Sheffield, July 2006 – July 2009 intermittently.
    • I assisted on a number of projects in the labs of Prof Mike Siva-Jothy, Prof. Jens Rolf & Prof. Paul Quick.
  • MBiolSci at University of Sheffield, September 2005 – July 2009
    • Masters project with Jens Rolff
    • Bachelors project with Prof. Mike Siva Jothy


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I’m an experimental biologist at heart, and I’m most comfortable either in the field or the lab trying to make organisms do things in order to prove a point. To that end I’ve accumulated a number of useful, if somewhat niche, skills in animal, fungal, plant and microbe rearing and culturing, microbiology techniques and molecular biology. I’ve also been fortunate enough to spend a considerable amount of time in the field, and so can say with some confidence that I am completely waterproof and wind resistant. I’ve also built up a moderately decent repertoire of statistical and dynamical modelling skills which I use to make sense of the, often noisy, data that nature throws our way.


I enjoy teaching and mentoring students, so I’ve sought out opportunities to do so during my PhD and postdoctoral career.

In Helsinki I have lectured on evolutionary processes for the University’s ‘Population Biology in Fragmented Landscapes’ course for several years, and I was the main coordinator of the whole course in 2015. During my PhD I demonstrated on laboratory, field, and statistical courses and mentored a number of undergraduate students in the execution of their final year projects. I also gave a lecture on Animal Behavioural Ecology.


Other responsibilities:

I was the graduate student representative to the Royal Entomological Society from 2011-2012, part of which entailed organising and hosting the RESs postgraduate symposium at the University of Liverpool in 2012.

I have formally reviewed manuscripts for several journals, including Molecular Ecology, Fungal Ecology, Evolution, BMC Microbiology & Evolutionary Ecology.



  • TEEB Seminar Series, University of Oxford, 2018 – Invited Talk
  • STEM for Britain Outreach Competition 2018 – Poster
  • Biology of Sperm Conference 2017, Bakewell, UK – Poster
  • Finnish Oikos meeting 2017, Helsinki, Finland – Talk
  • BES 2016, Liverpool, UK – Research Talk & ECR Talk
  • Nordic Oikos meeting 2016, Turku, Finland – Poster
  • ESEB 2015, Lausanne, Switzerland – Poster
  • Finnish Oikos meeting 2015, Joensuu, Finland -Talk
  • CNRS Jacques Monod Conference: Host – parasite interactions 2014, Roscoff, France – poster
  • Departmental Seminar, University of Helsinki, 2014 – Invited Talk
  • ESEB 2013, Lisbon, Portugal – Talk
  • Wolbachia Conference 2012, Oleron, France – Talk
  • RES Postgraduate Forum 2012, Liverpool, UK – Poster, organiser and session chair
  • SERL congress of Behaviour and Ecology 2011, Rennes, France – Poster
  • RES Insect Parasitoid SIG Meeting 2010, York, UK – Poster
  • RES Postgraduate Forum 2010, Sheffield, UK – Talk