I’m Steve, I’m an evolutionary ecologist working at the University of Liverpool. My research has spanned a variety of topics ranging from the impact of environmental change on fertility, the effects that hyperparasite have on natural disease dynamics, and the transmission strategies of symbiotic bacteria in insects.

At the moment, my main project is looking into how rising global temperature will affect reproductive traits in in multiple species, and whether this is important for predicting the impact of climate change. For this, I’m using over 50 species of fruit fly (Drosophila).

In my previous role at the University of Helsinki, I studied the effects of hyperparasites (parasites that infect other parasites) on the spread and evolution of infectious disease. I used a naturally occurring plant-pathogen system to explore this.

During my PhD (also in Liverpool), I studied how a bacteria which kills the male offspring of its host is spread amongst populations of wasps.

This is my website. It has a bit of information about me and my work.